[Re: [WriteLog] 4n33 pinouts and suggestions]

Joe Duerbusch jduerbusch@netscape.net
20 Apr 00 08:02:02 CDT

You Wrote:

"Couldn't get to K0BX's website late at night, perhaps pilot error, give it a


The problem is the URL listed in your e-mail was incorrect.  The zero in k0bx
was an "o" instead of a zero.

Please try:

The goto CW Keying.  BTW, the 4N33's are hard to find, but the 4N32 are easy
to find.  Work the same.  But I  have had better luck using the transistors
but then everyone yelled at me as the transistors do not give as much
protection to the port.  But check out:

If you have problem getting or using the 4N33/32.

Joe K0BX

Joe Duerbusch K0BX

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