[WriteLog] Kenwood TS870 tuner fix

Don Hill aa5au@msn.com
Sat, 29 Apr 2000 08:50:52 -0500

A few months ago I started having trouble tuning my TS870.  When
tuning slowly the frequency would not change.  This made fine tuning
of RTTY, PSK31 & CW signals very difficult.  Thanks to Mike, W5ZPA,
who had the same problem with his TS870's, we were able to purchase
and replace the tuning "encoder" which repaired the problem.

The "encoder" looks just like a potentiometer and is the part that the
tuning knob connects to and is relatively easy to replace.  Mike was
able to replace mine in about 15 minutes because he knew exactly
how to do it.  I would guess it's about a 30 minute job if you've not done
it before.

Here is where he got the part, which was about $75.

    East Coast Transistor Parts, Inc.
    2 Marlborough Road
    West Hempstead, NY., 11552

    Phone # 516/483-5742

    Part # WO2 1836 05  (Encoder for the Kenwood TS 870)

In a nutshell, you have to take off both the upper and lower outer covers.
You then have to pull the rubber gripper off the tuning knob to get access
to the allen screw that holds the knob onto the shaft of the "encoder" and
remove the knob.  You then have to remove the hex nut that holds the
"encoder" to the front panel.  You then remove a couple of screws and
pull out the entire front cover to reveal a small (3"x4") circuit board.  You
remove this board and pull out the encoder.  The encoder has the several
wires that come out to a plug.  The plug comes already installed with
the new encoder.  Unplug the old encoder, plug in the new one.  It only
goes in one way.  Now put it all back together the way you took it apart and
you're done.

What a difference it makes.  Kenwood told Mike they only had one
other report of this part going bad.  Mike has replaced the encoder in
two TS870's that he has owned and I've had to replace my once so it
could be a problem Kenwood doesn't want to admit to.

73, Don AA5AU

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