[WriteLog] Dayton 2K update

Dale Sinner dsinner@tfb.com
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 19:04:22 -0800

To All,
For those of you going to Dayton this year, here are some details you may 
want to consider.
1. Transportation - the bus service to and from the arena has been changed. 
According to sources at this point, the bus will not be stopping at the 
Dayton Mall as in years past due to some construction taking place there. 
However, we have secured alternate service to and from the arena from our 
hotel for us hams only. This service will be similar to what we had at the 
previous hotel. This means it may be limited to particular times of the day 
and we may have to pay a minimum fee. All the particulars have not yet been 
worked out but, you can be sure we will have transportation to and from the 
arena. Best part of this is that it will be directly from the hotel.
2. Renting a car - AVIS has an office at the hotel for those wishing to 
rent a car. I suggest you make contact them soon to assure that a car will 
be available for your group. Contact Sherry Zanow at (937) 434-4404 or you 
may FAX her at (937) 435-0433. Be sure to mention you are with the RTTY 
group and she will give you a deal. (That's what I've been told)
3. Rooms - Some questions have arisen concerning the bed sizes. This hotel 
was remodeled a few years ago and at that time all double bed rooms were 
converted to two queen size beds. I have secured a large number of these 
two bed rooms plus I also have king size bed rooms. Our form asked that you 
specify which type of room you would prefer.
4. For those who will driving in from other states and to and from the 
arena, we will have a small map to help you out. The city has finished the 
by-pass route which will make it easier to get to and from the arena from 
the hotel. I will try be get this posted on the rttyjournal web page as 
soon as it is available. 
That's about it for now. Please direct all questions to me. Sorry for the 
Dale Sinner, W6IWO 

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