[WriteLog] psk-31

Eric Pearson epearson@ezylink.com
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 20:22:47 -0800


You could be experiencing same problem I have lately using
version 10.13g:  If I transmit in RTTY then switch to PSK
I can't get the tones even though the rig keys.  If I close
Rttyrite (in PSK mode) then reopen it - it works fine until
I switch modes again.

Try setting the mode to BPSK, then close Rttyrite and then
reopen it so it starts out in PSK.

Eric - K6EP

At 07:50 PM 2/3/00 , Bob Crossland wrote:

>Need a bit of help folks.
>I'm trying to get psk31 running.  I'm receiving fine but when I go to
>transmit mode, the rig keys but no audio and no power out.
>RTTY is working fine, rcv and xmit (using FSK).
>I'm using a Kenwood TS-940, soundcard, etc.  I have a feeling I'm way
>off base in thinking if rtty works then psk31 should work also using the
>same cabling(?)
>Do I need another audio line of some type since I'm using psk31 in USB?
>I obviously need a little guidance.
>Bob, N3IXR
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