[WriteLog] Problems with Sound Board Voice Keying

jrb@us.ibm.com jrb@us.ibm.com
Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:47:12 -0500

Dave, you wrote -

> I wonder if most of the time I could get away with skipping the callsign
> and just giving the signal report and exchange??

If I am calling CQ, I always give the callsign followed by the exchange.
When responding to a CQ (as in hunt and pounce) I never give the calling
stations call sign (just something like, "QSL your 59 Nancy Yankee").

> Does anyone know what I am doing wrong with F6 and how
> to get thing back in order if I press a improperly described function
> key is pressed?

I had a similar problem that I solved by creating a wave file for all of
the function keys (F1 through F12).  For the function keys I am not using
the file is just a moment of silence.  Voice keying has not gone into "la
la" land since.  Hope this helps...


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