[WriteLog] RTTY Recieve Problem

W6FFH@aol.com W6FFH@aol.com
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 00:29:49 EDT

This is my first letter to the reflector, though I have
been monitoring all mail since February. In all that time,
I have not been able to receive RTTY no matter how hard I
try. I have seen replies to a few queries r.e. problems, but
none that helped me.

I get PSK fine, CW fine, but even though I see good signal
levels in the RTTY window, I never see nice vert. or horiz. 
lines in the tuning indicator (scope), only circles and elipses
depending on tuning of the xcvr (FT1000D).

The signals just seem to drift around in the display.

Now, I just downloaded the MixW demo, turned it on, and
immediately started to get clean text on some pretty weak
RTTY signals.

I could just use MixW, but I'd like to try some RTTY contests
with WL. I'm no "newby", having used WL in several SSB tests.
I just cannot figure this out. Any suggestions will be gratefully received

Thanks, Don Eriksen W6FFH   w6ffh@aol.com

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