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Fri, 2 Jun 2000 19:26:40 -0500

I have the Rocketport 8-port PCI card.  It works as advertised, but you
should understand one important thing about it:  It does not support
5-bit code, which means that you cannot use it to send FSK Baudot to
your radio on the TxD line of your serial port like you cn on a lower
port (1-4).  You can control a TNC like the PK-232 or DXP38 to send
Baudot to the rig, but you can't send it directly from Writelog.

That it doesn't support 5-bit code is directly from the manual, and
there used to be something about it on the Writelog web site, although I
missed it before I bought mine.

Otherwise it's great.  I usually have my FT-1000MP, PK-232, and DXP-38
on higher com ports, and all my software works fine through that card,
eg Writelog (freq read etc), DX4WIN, XPWIN etc.  I use a LOWER com port
(2) to send PTT and FSK Baudot to the rig because of the Rocketport's

ALSO BEWARE - The *Byterunner* PCI card has company-admitted problems
with some computers in an unpredicatble way!  I had to send mine back at
the suggestion of the manufacturer!  I hear their ISA card works fine,
however, and is inexpensive.

GL - 73

BALANCED, and PATRIOTIC - Paul M. Segal (W9EEA), The Radio Amateur's
Handbook.  True in 1928, not a bad idea for 2000.

WA9ALS - John jfleming@shelbynet.net
http://www.qsl.net/wa9als (now with Shack Cam!)

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> Hi all,
> I am about to swing for a new serial card - need a PCI buss card with
> least 4 ports and will go for 8. I am looking at the Rocketport 8 port
> card. I recall several years ago we had this discussion. I believe
> among others were using one.

> Any advice?
> Jerry, W6IHG

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