[WriteLog] New Version

W. Wright, W5XD w5xd@writelog.com
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 14:22:26 -0000

>Saw an earlier post about Writelog version 1017 and it was there
>in the revision history, but see no mention of it on the download
>section. 1016B is still there. If I am missing something, let me 
>know, but 1016 is working fine here. 
>Very 73, Curt KA2SLC 

WL 10.17 is in final beta test. The changes that are in it can
be seen on the "revision history" page on writelog.com. It will
be available for free download as soon as we're satisfied with
the beta test results.

By the way, posting the revision history before posting the
actual download has become more-or-less standard procedure. 

Wayne, W5XD

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