[WriteLog] Time for new contest software

Andrew J. O'Brien obrienaj@netsync.net
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 18:15:28 -0400

With all the latest nifty new digital software (Zakanaka, DigiPan)  and
fancy Windows based Logging programs (see DXbase and Logger), isn't it time
for some modern day contesting software ?

Seems that Writelog has the right idea with it's module for building
individual contest formats but last I looked at that it was still

The modern contesting software should allow for users to use their own
favourite RTTY/PSK or CW software seamlessly, likewise their favourite
logging program.

The ability to have it apply to ANY contest could be achieved by a simple
set-up wizard that asks....

Callsign ?  ----------------
Zone? --------------------
Contest name? ------------

Exchange? ----------------

multiplier points
Europe -----points.   Africa ----points.  Asia ----point.s
Aus/Nz -----points . South American -----points . North America ----points?
Other specific prefixes -------points

And so on and so on. Of course, I have NO CLUE how to do this.  It is time
it was invented though.

Food for thought

73 de Andy KB2EOQ

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