[WriteLog] Radio control of FT 890

Georgek5kg@aol.com Georgek5kg@aol.com
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 20:40:41 EDT

I spent many frustrating hours of trying to make an FT 890 work with WL.  I 
was experiencing a problem of the radio cycling off and on (rx audio off, rx 
audio on) about every two seconds when under the control of WL.

I sent out a request for help on the reflector and Ron, N9QQK, responded.  He 
suggested I select FT 900 in Setup | Ports instead of FT 890.  This cured the 

As it turns out, radio control for the FT 890 DOES NOT work correctly if FT 
890 is selected in Setup | Ports.  However, radio control for the FT 890 DOES 
work correctly if FT 900 is selected in Setup | Ports.

I have asked K5DJ to put this on the punch list to be fixed.

GL to any WL / FT 890 users.

George I. Wagner, K5KG
973-539-8894 fax

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