[WriteLog] Continuously record audio to file

Paul Young young@young.lkg.dec.com
Fri, 9 Jun 2000 13:55:56 -0400

> I need a bit of help.  I just recently put in a 20 gig drive in my
> computer and now I want to try to record a contest to a file.

Continuously recording a contest is lots of fun.

> Here is my questions:

Here is my answers.

> 1.  I presently have the fixed audio from the xcvr going to the mike
> input.

Fixed audio from the xcvr is fine.  When you do the recording find as loud
a signal as you can and adjust the PC's audio mixer so that the level is
close to the maximum.  Then ignore it for the rest of the contest.

> Should I be using the line input instead?  If so, should I put the audio
> on the left or right channel or both?

The answer is left or right or both.  WriteLog can handle any of them.
Your existing connection should be fine.

> 2.  It seems to me that one side should go to the rtty decode and the
> other to the Wav file?

No.  WriteLog can handle it all from one channel.
> 3.  Yes, I have read the manual (RTF) several times, but just not clear
> on this and don't want to put a new connector on the input line until I
> know for sure.

If you have one radio you can save a bunch of disk space with no loss
in quality by selecting compression, and picking 16 bit 11 KHz Mono.
This will mix the left and right tracks into one signal instead of
storing them separately.  I don't have my WriteLog computer in front
of me so I can't tell you the exact command.

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