[WriteLog] More ALT-T QUESTION

K2XR + N2YFH k2xr@zajil.net
Sat, 10 Jun 2000 22:40:26 +0300

> Press ALT-T and then choose the number of seconds that you want in between
> sending and then select the Function key F2 .  You might have to return to
> the ALT-T box to change the seconds interval, depending on how long your CQ
> message is.  See how long it takes to send your CQ message and then add a
> few seconds.  Hope this helps

    The seconds is the delay between previous CQ end and next CQ begin... which
reminds me of a question I meant to ask the group at large.

    Using 10.15 during WPX CW , I noticed that the granularity or resolution of
the CQ timer appears to be 1 second. If I am wrong please explain how to enter
fractions of a second, and if it is as stated, I would add .1 second increments
to the wish list.

    Discovered when 2 seconds was too quick, and 3 seconds seemed like an
eternity <grin>. 2.5 and 2r5 were not allowed, and truncated to 2 seconds.

   Dave  K2XR

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