[WriteLog] More ALT-T QUESTION

K2XR + N2YFH k2xr@zajil.net
Sun, 11 Jun 2000 01:59:04 +0300

Perhaps we are mixing apples and oranges LLoyd.

I am specifying CW operation. Perhaps it works that way when playing wave
files, I don't know, as I haven't had the opportunity to play with that part
yet... but On CW, and I would suspect RTTY too, it functions as I described.
There it is definitely end of prev. to start of next.

Either way I have it working fine for me, and I suspect you have it working
well for you too.
My question about tenth second increments still stands.
Any help out there ??

> Dave:
> The seconds is the delay between the previous CQ start and the next CQ start
> >
> >     Using 10.15 during WPX CW , I noticed that the granularity or
> resolution of
> > the CQ timer appears to be 1 second. If I am wrong please explain how to
> enter
> > fractions of a second, and if it is as stated, I would add .1 second
> increments
> > to the wish list.

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