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Fidel Leon ea3gip@pobox.com
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 11:22:55 +0200

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On 10/06/00 at 20:33 Mike Mellinger WA0SXV wrote:

>SELECT CONTEST, then PARAMETER SETUP, then enter your zone.  Everything
>> > At the present moment I've worked 279 QSOs WL doesn't give any point

	Huuummmm... First of all, thank you for you all who replied me. Of
course, it was the point! Looks a nice suggestion to Wayne making WL
asking you for the needed info if you enter a Contest that needs info hi

	About the contest... Just 104 QSOs, because of a power supply failure.
Somebody switched off the propagation mains, and I was happy to work
AX2000 at 0100Z with a vertical antenna that gives 6:1 SWR on 15 meters


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