[WriteLog] Continual recording - how to in WL?

WA9ALS - John jfleming@shelbynet.net
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 13:25:28 -0500

I've had problems doing this too George - See my comments below, and
please let me know how you get it going when you do!  Tnx

> >From there, I am lost.  I see in the documentation that the recorded
> files are written to C:\ham\AudioRecord directory.  However, this
> was not set up during WL installation.  Should I create this

You can create the directory where ever you want it.  You tell Writelog
about the directory with a writelog.ini entry.  See ini file options:
RecordingLocation is where WriteLog saves WAV files on Tools
Continuously Record Audio.


(But it could be some other drive/directory if you choose.)

> Ok, I create the directory, but then what?  How will WL know to use
> directory?

(See above.)

> Is there something I must do to activate the Mic input on the laptop
and set
> the audio level?  Is there something I must do to activate the

You need to check your Windows sound settings by double clicking the
speaker icon in the sys tray.  You need to check both recording and
playback options.  In your setup, you need to make sure that your mic
input (for recording) is SELECTED (not muted).  I send my audio to the
soundcard via the LINE IN connector, and it is SELECTED (not muted).

After doing all of this, I can't get mine to work either, so please
share your experience.  After a few RTTY QSOs, when I right click on the
log entry to play back the audio, there's not much in the indicated
directory, and nothing plays back.

Any help appreciated!  73

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