[WriteLog] USB to Comm ports

Jerry Pixton jpixton@shentel.net
Sun, 25 Jun 2000 15:53:27 +0000


Does the Lava card do 5 bit Baudot? Some of the other cards do not seem to
do so? I looked at their Web site and the cards look good.

Jerry, W6IHG

At 01:46 PM 6/21/00 -0400, Brad Nowak wrote:
>Check out Lava.  I bought a card with 4 serial com ports that use PCI bus
>sharing so only one IRQ is used for four serial ports.  Nice product.  I
>think it was a Quatro PCI and cost around $80 if I remember.  I think they
>have a web page at www.lavalink.com.  I bought the card online at buy.com
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>From: Ed Gray <w0sd@rapidnet.com>
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>Subject: [WriteLog] USB to Comm ports
>> Can anyone tell me of an external unit I can plug into my USB port on my
>> computer that will give me 2 or more comm ports and not use any IRQ's.  I
>> would also like another parallel port in this unit.  I would like a unit
>> that sets up easily!
>> I am out of IRQ's and need more comm ports.
>> Thanks,
>> Ed W0SD

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