[WriteLog] Re: [Continual recording of CW]

Joe Duerbusch jduerbusch@netscape.net
25 Jun 00 19:17:34 CDT

George, I have been away at FD, so sorry for the delay in replying.

I have not gotten a procedure yet on how to do this, but Wayne, W5XD, gave me
a hint.

1.  From the terminal type on the RTTY menu, select Stereo Sound board, either

2.  From the Entry Menu, select Radio and then select 2 radios.  This will
bring up a two Radio RTTY windows.

3.  From the Entry Menu, select Tools, Sound board setup.

4.  Select Enable Recording Loop.

5.  Select Continuely recording to file.

6.  Then in min the 2nd radio windows.  Then it all worked.

This is just a way to confirm that you can record to the file.  Somehow I have
to figure out the correct steps to get this to work.

Joe K0BX
Glad to work everyone at FD from W0SRC

Georgek5kg@aol.com wrote:

I saw a posting on the WL reflector from you about recording of CW.  Maybe 
you can help me with this:

I want to set up to record the IARU contest as I work it, but I can't quite 
figure out how to set it up in WL.  The WL documentation leaves me guessing.

Here is what I have tried so far:

1.)  Feed audio into my laptop from the Line Out jack in my DSP599 to the Mic

input on the laptop.  

2.)  In WL Ports Setup, I select DVK Type as Windows Sound Board

3.)  In Tools, Sound Board Options, I select "Continuously record audio to 

>From there, I am lost.  I see in the documentation that the recorded *.wav 
files are written to C:\ham\AudioRecord directory.  However, this directory 
was not set up during WL installation.  Should I create this directory?

Ok, I create the directory, but then what?  Is there something I must do to 
activate the Mic input on the laptop and set the audio level?  Is there 
something I must do to activate the recording?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

73, George, K5KG

Joe Duerbusch K0BX

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