[WriteLog] JA's on 80 meter/

k7wm k7wm@i10net.com
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 22:09:33 -0000

The 2 JA's who asked us to qsy were JH4UYB and JE3HHT. they both asked us to
go to 3524. The swr on the ole HF2V was a little high as its "tuned" for
3580. (I used "tuned" very loosely) but they were an honest s7/8. I have
worked VK's and ZL's off it too. granted, being on the left coast helps but
know they could be heard inland. I have an 80meter bazooka on the 100' tower
but Eddie wouldn't let me use it as he was running 20m on the tower. The
JA's asked him for us to qsy. (hardline feedline to the tower antenna
switch) The station is not really setup for multi-multi op but more for a
very flexible single op but we made do and had a ball. We only worked 4 US
stations for a total of 6 on 80m. One of the 4 was a W1, which is a goodly
hop from AZ land too. The band was open but nobody to play with and JARTS
gives points and mults there too...see you in the frays and 73 de
Wayne k7wm@i10net.com

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