[WriteLog] install upgrade problem

Joseph J. Duerbusch k0bx@qsl.net
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 17:07:02 +0000

You wrote:
when I run Setup from the floppy to
install the up grade I get an error that tells me that WriteLog V10 not
installed.... I use Version 10.15..... Any Suggestions????

Yes, there are two (2) files that have to be on you hard drive for the
upgrade to take place.

1.  Writelog.ini - It has all you windows setting and also has the your
password for Writelog.

2.  The one that you are probably missing is: Wlogkey.ini.  This file
has the password/registration number for versions 10 and above.  It only
contains your registration number.

Both files are located in the Windows directory.

Hope this helps.

Joe K0BX

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