[WriteLog] Writelog RTTY receiver

W6FFH@aol.com W6FFH@aol.com
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 19:38:32 EST

Hi Jeff - I lost your message regarding the dissapearing RTTY
receiver window, so can't copy it back.

You wrote "how do I keep Writelog RTTY receiver  window on 
my screen?

I think you've got the old writelog main window sizing dilema.
I reported the same problem back on Aug. 24, and have since 
helped (I think) someone else with same problem.

I think the easiest way to help is if you can look at the archives
for the three main replies I got from AA5AU, W1CSM and WA9ALS
on the same date. They explained the simple fix of window
sizing that keeps the RTTY Rx fixed. If you can't find these
e-mails, let me know and will gladly paraphrase them.

Don  W6FFH
e-mail w6ffh@aol.com

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