[WriteLog] Any way to generate an escape character?

Mike McCarthy, W1NR w1nr@eecorp.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 21:30:57 -0500

I am trying to get an old Tono 777 TNC working with WriteLog, but have a
major issue.  I have no way to generate an <ESC>, <CTRL-[>, ^[...a simple
escape character to the TNC from WriteLog.  It causes whatever window I am
in to disappear.  All of the major functions of this unit would be available
to me if I could.  All I can do right now is use it in it's auto PTT mode
for RTTY.  It even works to a point in CW if I run the contest like a RTTY
contest.  Is there any way I can get WriteLog's stored messages or "Dumb
terminal" mode to give the TNC an escape character?  How about a dumb
terminal mode for CW?

Possible Enhancement:

A real nice feature would be a generic TNC mode for both RTTY and CW where
certain commands are user definable.  Once the TNC is set up, commands to
set speeds and turn the PTT on and off would be all that is needed.  If I
could get an escape character in the stored messages, I could define
function keys to do just about anything I want.

Thanks for the bandwidth,
Mike, W1NR

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