[WriteLog] Odd Behavior of Rotator Control

Michael L. Therrien, MD n1md@snet.net
Sat, 18 Nov 2000 08:48:01 -0500

Well, this is truly weird.

Just upgraded to 10.21 and was delighted to see control for my Yaesu rotor

I set the program up to use COM 3 for the rotor since that is what I use for
my other programs(e.g. CT and DxBase).

I select the menu item under "Radio" to move the rotor and nothing happens.
Indeed, the program pauses.

By some freak chance, I selected the packet window while trying to figure
this out and entered a single, random keystroke into the packet window.

The rotor moves properly and the program resumes.

I can run everything nicely if I open the packet window and enter a
keystroke each time I want to move the antenna.

Any ideas? Not exactly the most efficient way to operate.

BTW, Packet on COM 1, Radio (FT-1000MP) on COM 2, Yaesu rotor on COM 3. No

Mike, N1MD

Michael L. Therrien, MD, MMM, CPE
Amateur Radio Station N1MD
"Next year, aluminum."

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