[WriteLog] Can't send CW

Glen Whitehouse Glen Whitehouse" <glenw@xtdl.com
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 09:08:32 -0500

This seems too simple to be true, but if someone could help me see what must
be the obvious, I would appreciate it.  It is Friday morning and I am
running out of time, hi!

I have been running CT for years and I can send CW just fine.

I would like to convert to WriteLog so I can Telnet.  I used it in CQ WW SSB
and it performed well.  I figure all I have to do is change some settings
and it would work.

In Setup/Ports I selected CW on LPT1, and CW keyer type = PC generates.
I am using the same parallel port to CW jack cable that I have been using
for years.

I have loaded up the CW memories, pressed the appropriate function key and
nothing happens!  I have tried Alt-K to get the cw window.  I type things
and nothing happens!

Any suggestions?


Glen, K1GW

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