[WriteLog] cabrillo

Ed esalcedo@pworld.net.ph
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:12:57 +0800

> > 
> > But how can the dupes,etc. be processed when the data itself is not 
> > included in Writelog's Cabrillo output?  
> Dupes should be included in the Cabrillo format output. For our CQWW 
> RTTY effort, we saved the file as Cabrillo format using Writelog and the 
> dupes were included.

How'd you do that? I saved my log as Cabrillo format and Writelog didn't 
include the dupes and unclaimed QSOs. I operated SOSB (15m) and had 1 
Q in 20m, 4 in 10m, and about 8 dupes but Writelog just wouldn't include 
them in the Cabrillo format output. I used v10.21k btw.

73 and Mabuhay!


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