[WriteLog] RE: YJ0PD

mwolfe mwolfe@interaccess.com
Mon, 27 Nov 00 22:41:58 -0600

We have run RTTY here sporadically and even tried PSK31 last night. We will 
try RTTY again tonight but not PSK31. PSK31 does not survive a pileup very 
well. It's very interesting to see what a pileup looks like on a waterfall 
display. Because everyone is on the exact same frequency it is difficult to 
pick out one signal, and even when you do people keep transmitting over others 
they cannot hear. Tried split, but it is easy to find where people are just by 
looking at the waterfall display.

73 and Lukim Yu,
Site Business Manager YJ0PD Dxpedition

>===== Original Message From Ken Eigsti <diverken@chaffee.net> =====
>YJ0PD 18 MHZ SSB op said rtty at 0400 on 18095 and then 20 meters.
>They were on 18.095 rtty for about 30 mintutes from 0230 to 0300.
>GL. It was new one for me..
>0310 UTC

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