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MorseCode2000 k1uq@email.msn.com
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 07:24:55 -0500

I disagree.  WL does as it should in creating the Cabrillo file.  It creates
it to the spec.  Your WL log shows the dupes, doesn't it?  All it does then
is export this same data into the format of Cabrillo.  This format lists
EVERY logged QSO.

Cabrillo records every contact you've logged.  EVERY Q!  Work the same guy
40 times on 20m, and the contest log scorers' computers (ARRL, CQ, etc.)
will see 40 Qs & score 39 as dupes - not because they see some text word
"DUPE" in your log, but because their computer finds 40 Qs.


if you want to check your Cabrillo log for accuracy, INCLUDING DUPES - then
get the "WT4I Cabrillo Log Checker" software product, available from Ron
K5DJ (WL distributor).

The WT4I tool will show you your dupes, busted calls, etc.  It works.

73,  Bill  K1UQ

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> I just double-checked my log. The dupes are in, but in Cabrillo format,
> are not tagged as dupes, or out of band.
> It would be worth finding a dupe entry in your log, and confirming that it
> is there in the Cabrillo version. Maybe this is what you already did. If
> I'm sure Wayne will make note of it...
> 73 Bruce W1CSM

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