[WriteLog] Re: [DX4WIN] DXCC totals again pse

WA9ALS - John jfleming@shelbynet.net
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 07:28:41 -0500

> When you submit the same country on 3 bands you only get credit for
> country.  Take your DXCC listing and check it against the DXCC
printout from
> DX4WIN and you will find where the problems are.  I don't believe the
> is DX4WIN as I have over 300 checked on MIXED, CW, PHO and 5BDXCC
checked and
> there was not a single mistake in 5.01 except where I had put in a
> wrong several years ago.

Wendell, I understand that phenomenon.  As I said in my posts, counting
the same country on more than one band explains why the band totals
could be MORE than the MIXED total - but it doesn't explain how the BAND
totals can be LESS than the MIXED total.

Tnx for replying though - 73

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