[WriteLog] Case for the W5XD+ Keyer

Bob Mattaliano n6rfm@charter.net
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 16:14:22 -0400

As has been noted on this reflector, there is not a readily available
pre-fabricated case for the W5XD+ keyer board when stuffed with the
suggested parts from DigiKey.  An alternative is to use different connectors
and do a lot of wiring.  Ed, KD5M posted a summary of what folks were doing
in June.  Among these were the Radio Shack box (270-1805) used by NM1W.  In
my attempt to "solve the case" problem, I have a variation on the Jim's
Radio Shack box approach which works for me.  I used all of the suggested
parts for the board.

Start with two (2) Radio Shack 270-1805 cases.  Throw the tops and assembly
screws into the junk box.  Now you will have two box bottoms to form a
"clamshell" style case..

The W5XD+ keyer board does not quite sit in the box since the board has
square corners and the box has rounded ones.  Using a thin flat file, make a
narrow downward slot (~ 1/8 inch) in each of the corners, diagonally to the
sides, to the depth of the reinforcing ribs which line the perimeter of the
box.  Now  with a little filing of the box corners, the board will fit
snugly into the box and the connectors will now be resting on the sides of
the box.

The next step is to use the other "bottom" as the top to the case.  Slots
for the DB25 and DB9 connectors can be cut out with a jigsaw. Watch out for
your fingers!  I actually cut away 1/2" from the entire DB9, 2x DB25 side of
the  case, although purists may cut individual slots.  A small slightly
rectangular opening is needed for the power connector on one side. A cut out
for the single DB9 is needed on the side with the stereo jacks.  I used a
small round file to make openings for the jacks.  With a little TLC, the
case will look pretty good and have plenty of room for the audio transformer
if desired !  Instead of temporary rubber bands, I plan to use tie-wraps to
hold the two pieces together with the board in between as a sandwich.  The
final assembly is about the size of an index file box.

Have fun and CU in CQWW CW !! (and listen for us from KV1W's M/M)



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