[WriteLog] wav files and writelog

K2OWR wradice.otb@inetmail.att.net
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 22:23:03 -0400

> I noticed that myself, In the port setup menu I selected the wave file
> button and then located one of my wav files (so that WL knew the directory
> existed).  Then I selected CW/RTTY/SSB Messages... from the setup menu.
In the
> last version of WL that I was using the default wav file names were based
on the
> "f#" keys and in 10.19f there by "msg#".  I renamed the wav filenames to
> with the "msg#.wav" filenames and everything seems to be working ok.  I
tried to
> change "msg2.wav" to agree with my filenames but had no luck.  While this
> not be the best method it seemed to work.  When I have more time this week
> would like to figure out how to create more descriptive names then
> for my CQ TEST file.
> Les Peters, N1SV
::::I was not referring to the filename, only the extension. If you write
the wave file to say, a wavefile directory, using the msg2 filename, you
cannot "browse to that directory and import that file because the recognized
file extensions are only .wl , no other choices seem possible. This makes it
impossible to "import" a .wav file that was not recorded within WL.


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