[WriteLog] Serial Ports Again Gasp!

Larry Benko benko@aztek-eng.com
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:00:36 -0700

There have been a lot of of comments concerning how to get enough
serial ports on a PC for rig control etc.  The problem has gotten
worse with most new motherboards now having only one native serial
port and no ISA slots.  This leaves us with either an external USB
to multiple serial box or an internal PCI to multiple serial card.
I understand the issues of 5 bit codes, FIFO buffering/latency,
and some of the power on sequencing problems.  Recently Steve, NR4M
was looking for suggestions for a DX4WIN solution and someone else
had volunteered to collect a database.  What is the current status
or results of these efforts?

Would removing the 5 bit Baudot requirement (RTTY must be done via
a sound card??) make a solution much easier.  My initial feeling
would be that ignoring the 5 bit code requirement, a PCI card
solution would/should be more universally compatible especially for
the power up sequencing issues.

A database and some suggestions posted perhaps to the Writelog or
DX4Win websites would be very much appreciated.  Does the operating
system Win98/ME/2000/NT4 affect the results (assuming a driver is
available) or is the issue primarily a hardware one?

Larry Benko, W0QE

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