[WriteLog] Rig Blaster Question

Jim Rhodes rhodes@willinet.net
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 10:03:43 -0500

Scott, I think you missed the point. There is no input from the rig 
microphone to the soundcard INPUT to record using your rig microphone. This 
is a limitation of rigblaster. About the only way you can record with your 
rig mic is to record your monitor output. You need to turn all processing 
off when you do this or the results will still sound quite different, 
depending on how much processing you use. If you are heavily processed then 
the rigblaster transmitt audio will process again and it will sound like crap.

That is why I haven't bought a rigblaster. Still looking for an interface 
that will "do it all". Does anyone have any suggestions?

At 08:54 AM 09/25/2000, you wrote:

>Hi Stan,
>Most likely what you're missing is that RIGblaster needs to be in VOX, not
>AUTO on the switch in front of the box. That enables the SSB stuff there.
>Then you follow the Help steps where you do a Shift-Fx where 'x' is the
>function key to program to begin recording and hit Escape when finished.
>One other item, for PSK and RTTY (I haven't checked CW), you need to
>identify the Port for the RIGblaster in RTTYwrite. At the tool bar on top of
>the RTTYwrite program (not the WriteLog program, but the program that comes
>up with the RTTY window...), go to Ports and select the com port for the
>RIGblaster. Since everything is coming from the sound card, it's logical to
>not have a com port associated with the sound card. Nope, need the com port
>for the RIGblaster assigned.
>Hope this helps. I still have some hum on my mike input which I need to take
>care of before it's all OK.
>CU...Scot, K9JY
>Just got my Rig Blaster and have a question:  How do I use it to record the
>contest exchange information from the microphone that is on the radio as
>compared to using the computer's mike which sounds different?
>73 Stan, W3INK
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