[WriteLog] More Alt-K test results

Jon Harder jon@praxisworks.org
Wed, 1 Aug 2001 20:16:00 -0000

> Jorgen's work-around is easy and works just fine, at least with FSK.  I'll
> try it later today with AFSK on both the 850 and 570DG rigs.

As promised earlier I was able to test both on AFSK and FSK with the 850 and
570.   While the work-around is fine with FSK,  I've not been able to get it
to work with AFSK on either rig.

Same cabling and interfacing (rechecked carefully) which works just fine for
MMTTY and WL as stand-alone programs, and still does.   But not with the

Need to get the AFSK working for the 570DG, as it oddly has no monitor
function when in FSK.  BTW,  MMTTY TX tab _is_  set for "Sound + Com- TxD
(FSK), "  but I can't comfortably use the computer speakers to monitor my
FSK keying when others are at home.  One set of headphones is enough
.......   8}

Jon         K1US

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