[WriteLog] Writelog.INI ???

Bruce A. King Bruce A. King" <baking@gis.net
Thu, 2 Aug 2001 10:56:42 -0400

Hi Ted,

Welcome to Writelog. The writelog.ini file is kept in the main Windows
directory (on Windows98 anyway). Don't forget to make a copy of it "as is"
before you start making changes.... a hint from the been there, done that
crew.  I keep a shortcut to writelog.ini in my hamradio program group. Then
it's handy when making changes.

73 Bruce W1CSM

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Subject: [WriteLog] Writelog.INI ???

> Hello All,
> I just downloaded the new version of Writelog.  I am new to the
> program as I just upgraded my computer.
> I am having a problem generating "writelog.ini".  The help file
> talks about it and what I need to change but I can't seem to
> find the .ini file.  Any help would be much appreciated...
> 73,  Ted  K2QMF
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