[WriteLog] Always on Top fix available?

WA9ALS - John wa9als@starband.net
Thu, 2 Aug 2001 19:51:15 -0500

> In Windows 98 you can either hit the Show Desktop or the RTTY
> Control panel icon on the task bar and it will minimize.  That, of course,
> does not work for Window 95, it's stuck there unless you close it.
> I cannot say for NT or 2000.  I believe there may be plans for a minimize
> box in the future.
> 73, Don AA5AU

Windows don't look or act differently in WIN2000.  You can minimize the
MMTTY control panel by the usual techniques - I have the usual 3 little
boxes in the upper right hand corner of tthe control panel window - the one
farthest left of the three is the usual Windows minimize box.  I think I
used to have that Show Desktop thing too, but I got rid of it.  Not sure
what Don means by "plans for a minimize box in the future"...

Although I like the print of MMTTY, I did like using the vertical yellow
lines for tuning Rttyrite in S&P mode.  No biggie - both great - fun to

Another thing I've noticed with MMTTY is that when you choose some of the
preset profiles (like fluttered signal), it turns on the NET button.  If
this works like some other programs,, this could change your apparent
transmit frequency if you're using AFSK!  You might like to keep the control
panel handy...