[WriteLog] Always on Top fix available?

jdahl@cadpoint.se jdahl@cadpoint.se
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 17:33:00 +0100

>Maybe someone else running WIN2000(SP2) could confirm this, but apparently
>WIN2000 users see usual Windows MINIMIZE and CLOSE boxes in the upper
>right-hand corner of the MMTTY's Rtty Control Panel.

That is correct. The original Control panel doesn't have the minimize and the
close boxes when running mmtty in remote mode as the plugin does. So the
plugin add the system meny and the minimize/close boxes after the control
panel is created by MMTTY. But this only works for win2k (and maybe for nt 4).
It isn't possible to change those styles after a window is created on
Win 98/95 and that is a built in limitation made by Microsoft for some

I may make it possible to turn off "always on top" in a future release of the

73 de SM6SRW/Jorgen