[WriteLog] Working dupes

Dave L Thompson k4jrb@juno.com
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 22:38:10 -0400

I agree with Clive on dups.  Unless I am S&P ing I don't have time to
stop and tell a station that he is a dup.  Clive also brings up a valid
point about why you should log a valid duplicate contact.   Say early in
the contest I think SV9XX came back to me on 160
when actually he was working another European.  Simply a matter of
timing.  Howver later the SV9 answers my CQ and if I don't log it then I
lose the mult.  With the cabrillo log no points are assigned until the
log checking program scores the log.  I would lose the first contact as
NIL but get full credit for the second.  There is no penalty for dups
in most contests.

73 Dave K4JRB

> I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would take the 
> time to tell someone they're a dupe instead of working them, it 
> takes as long, potentially results in conflicts, and possibly 
> dumps you in the arms of the UBN police. It may have had some 
> relevance in the days of paper logging, but now?. After all how 
> do you *know* that you are in the other station's log; quite 
> simply you can't know.
> 73
> Clive
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