[WriteLog] Re: Working dupes

Eddie Schneider edlyn@california.com
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 22:59:15 -0700

"Don Winn" <af4z@palmnet.net> scribed in a nutshell,

>One way QSOs don't count for points.

To paraphrase BIG Ron, "Absolutely, Positively, for damn sure," work dupes.
"Pretty" logs may be just that but they don't help either station if one gets
the call sign wrong the first time around.

You both get a NIL, you both lose points and possibly one or both of you lose a
valuable multiplier when cross checking is performed. Let the software take care
of the 'problem',
Cabrillo and the log checking software will do the rest.

btw, in CQWW RTTY and CQ WPX RTTY, no further penalties are added for a NIL.

Eddie, W6/G0AZT