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WA9ALS - John wa9als@starband.net
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 10:15:12 -0500

Never had that problem.  I only need to hit it once to bring up the window
to set it.  If you TYPE a call in the ENTRY area, the auto-CQ stops, but if
you click on a call, it doesn't stop.  At first I thought that was
undesirable, but I guess it works that way so that you can dupe check if you

If I'm running, I would prefer that the auto-CQ stop when I click on a
callsign.  The way it is, I click on a call, and about the time (but before)
I hit the key to send the exchange, the auto CQ starts and I have to abort
it with ESC and then send the exchange.  Any better way to handle this?  I
usually just try to hit alt-T to stop the auto CQ when I hear someone
calling, and THEN hit the exchange.  This is obviously only an issue when
this are slowish and you're auto-cqing.

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> WL Gang,
> When "Timed Repeating CQ" is active ie., I am using Alt-T to send
automatically repeating CQ's, I have to hit Alt-t twice to get the "Start
Timed CQ" window to appear.
> I find that having to hit Alt-T twice to be unnecesary, not to mention
> Is this a feature or a bug?  If it's a feature, can someone pse explain
why?  If it's a bug, Wayne, pse put it on the hit list for the next release.
> 73, George, K5KG
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