Charles Fulp k3ww@fast.net
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 16:06:34 -0000

>       2) When I inserted a certain call to exchange a QTC and When I click
> the enter in the end of the QTCs, such call is also entered as a QSO. Most
> of the time "DUPE".
>       Did anybody find a solution for it?

I would prefer not to put a number/Dupe when I log a QTC to a guy I already
had worked.
Also looking for the solution.  The sent serial number got pretty far ahead
of the real number, with
only a handful of real dupes worked.  Good gamesmanship, but I don't like to
do it that way.

Everything else went well, execept I kept losing the packet connection to
the second computer.
I log/work the radios on one computer  and RECORD AUDIO and connect to
packet on another..
the link for logging fails at times, but the packet link seemed worse,
perhaps RFI, or just
a flakey computer on one end.  I kept an eye on both packet windows and will
probably go directly
into the main computer by the next contest.

73 Chas K3WW