Serial # repeats - Re: [WriteLog] QTC 10/0

John E Bastin, K8AJS
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 15:38:23 -0400

At 14:56 -0300 08/13/2001, Marcelo Gomes da Silva wrote:
>After working a EU station and logging, he returns and asks for a repeat of
>the serial number.
>If I hit the exchange key, the software will send a 5NN TTT, since the entry
>window is already clean.
>I searched the help for some % code that would bring the last number sent but
>could not find it. Is there a way to configure that?

I didn't try this (it was simpler just to grab the paddle and send the serial number manually), but here's what it says in WriteLog Help:

"The serial number sent by the '%' character by the memory is calculated by WriteLog depending on whether the call sign field in the Entry window is blank. If the call sign is still blank then the sequence number for the previous QSO is sent; otherwise, the number sent is for the subsequent QSO.

"So take care when asked for a repeat of this serial number. If you have already typed Enter, then the memories may only be used if the call sign field is still blank because they will otherwise send the number for the next QSO."

So IF the entry window is clean, as you say, pressing the exchange key SHOULD send the sequence number of the previous QSO.

Hope this helps.

J o h n   B a s t i n           K 8 A J S