[WriteLog] Entering split mode/freq with Write Log

Bob Helms af5z@inetport.com
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 18:40:05 -0500

Hi Steve,

I'm sure glad you mentioned seeing the window "ENTER SPLIT FREQ"
during the WAE contest...I recalled reading something about it but
had forgotten how to do that.  Your observation led to the following:

1.  You can type in a frequency you wish to go to in the CALL field
of the QSO ENTRY screen and hit <ENTER> and the rig will be commanded
there.  If the numbers you enter are not in a ham band, Write Log
will add zeroes to the right end until it is within a valid band.

2.  If you type a hyphen (dash) into the CALL field, a popup window
will appear requesting you "ENTER SPLIT FREQUENCY".  If you type a
valid frequency and hit <ENTER>, your radio will be commanded to
SPLIT mode and the transmit frequency will be set to the requested
frequency.  Notice STEP 1 above sets your RECEIVE (or TRANSCEIVE) 
frequency.  This, STEP 2 sets the TRANSMIT (SPLIT) frequency.

If my explanation doesn't make sense - - Type a - into the CALL
field and then click on HELP to see the details.

Bob Helms, AF5Z