John E Bastin, K8AJS jbastin@sssnet.com
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:25:29 -0400

At 06:47 -0700 08/15/2001, Jim Reisert wrote:
>In reading the rules (actually Tips und Ratschl”ge f¸r Computer-Logging):
>  http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/xgdcl.htm
>there is no mention of the Cabrillo format.  If they don't accept logs in that
>format, then there is no reason why logging software should produce it.

Exactly, and I had no concern about the lack of Cabrillo format for WAE, because I hadn't looked for it. The questioner hadn't indicated what contest he was looking at, though, and I was concerned that for some reason the format was going to disappear in ALL contests when I upgrade to WL 10.27.

THAT was what my question was about.

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