[WriteLog] Auto CQ doesn't STOP

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au@bellsouth.net
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:31:17 -0500

I agree that clicking on a callsign in the RTTYrite window to stop Auto-CQ
would be a nice feature... but I'm not sure how it would help.

If you had your Auto-CQ set for long intervals between CQ's then it would
be fine for clicking on callsigns to stop the Auto-CQ function.  However, it
most cases, by the time a callsign actually prints, the Auto-CQ will have 
already keyed the transmitter to start the next CQ and you will miss out on
the callsign of the station(s) calling you.  This is not good.

I've used Auto-CQ in both CW and RTTY modes within WriteLog and in
CW you usually get the first character of a callsign typed to stop the Auto-CQ
with no problem.  In RTTY, you have to wait for lots of things.  Many stations
still send your call before they send their call.  There are C/R L/F characters,
Number and Letter shift characters and all kinds of time consuming things
going on before you actually get a printed callsign on the screen.  In some
cases you don't even get a callsign, especially on weak signals.  It's best to
stop the Auto-CQ function as soon as you hear any kind of activity on the 

The BEST way to stop AUTO-CQ is ESC.  If you are a right hand mouse
user, then your left hand is free to hit ESC.  ESC is on the left hand side of
the keyboard away from all other keys.  Most of us can hit it with our eyes closed.

If Wayne wants to add it that's great.

73, Don AA5AU

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Subject: [WriteLog] Auto CQ doesn't STOP

> Hi !
> Usually I do not hit or type anything on the keyboard and it's better to click the
> callsign in the RTTY window than ESC to stop the  auto-cq in progress.
> Isn't it ?
> 73's de ES7AAZ
> > The trick is like Scot says, the cursor must be in the entry window where
> > it should be nearly all the time in RTTY mode.  Then if you hit any key on
> > the keyboard it should stop (it does not stop if you hit ALT-W, which is
> > a good thing).
> > 
> > However, because of the slowness of RTTY, it's better to hit the ESC
> > key when someone comes back to you.  Once you get in the habit of hitting
> > ESC to stop your auto-CQ, it becomes natural.
> > 
> > 73, Don AA5AU
> > 
> > > To stop the auto CQ in RTTY mode, I pressed the ESC key when I got a
> > > response back to a CQ. Typing something (or deleting something) while in the
> > > Call Entry window also stopped the auto CQ.
> > > 
> > > CU...Scot, K9JY
> > > 
> > > See WriteLog's complete user manual at
> > > K9JY's WriteLog site http://www.k9jy.com
> > > 
> > > mailto:scot@k9jy.com
> > > 
> > > > Has anybody noticed that Auto CQ doesn't stop in RTTY mode? Is
> > > > this problem only mine or general ? Yes, there is a note of vers.
> > > > 10.25 in revision history, "Typing any key into Entry Window
> > > > stops any Auto-CQ in progress" and it works word by word but...
> > > > normally we do not TYPE anything in RTTY mode.
> > > >
> > > > 73's de ES7AAZ
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