[WriteLog] Soundboard DVK Problem

Dave Earnest k7jj@arrl.net
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 16:30:58 -0700

Hi gang,

I got the soundboard to work with the Record on the fly messages.
However, after recording the alphabet and the numerical characters I get

I put a message in the SSB memories:

C% <msg1.wav>

What it played back was "Charlie> (then a huge space) then "two"

The help file says the Windows player will read out the call sign from
the c:/ham/wavefiles directory and then read the message. It is not

The port and CW/RTTY/SSB Message setup is per the book. SSB is selected.
Again, the record on the fly messages are working fb.

What am I missing?


Dave K7JJ

David E. Earnest