[WriteLog] Sound Card Problems

G0WSA g0wsa@btinternet.com
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 09:46:22 -0000

A little off freq perhaps but I'm sure someone here can help me.....

I've been having trouble running Zakanaka 1.24 on my laptop PC, I can tune
signals but not resolve them.  To check the soundcard I downloaded the
SBrdChk.exe program from the Writelog website and ran it on my laptop (it
scored 7f by
the way) miraculously the signals then appeared in Zakanaka.

I've discovered (quite by accident) that unless I run the SBrdChk.exe file
before running Zakanaka the signals will not resolve.

Could anyone tell me what the SBrdChk.exe program does please? - its
obviously not just a passive checker but actually makes some changes when
it's run?  Any help is (obviously) much appreciated......

BTW, I'm using a Compaq Armada 1750 notebook, with Windows ME and
I've checked that the drivers are all the latest versions etc...

73 de Jeff, G0WSA (g0wsa@btinternet.com)