[Re: [WriteLog] More re XP Upgrade Issues]

Dean Norris dnorris@k7no.com
Fri, 09 Nov 2001 18:19:35 -0700

At 17:38 11/9/2001, Gil Baron wrote:

>OTOH look at the articles on and pointed to by the LockerGnome mailing 
>list. XP is as bad as 1/2 the speed of  WIN2000 for many applications and 
>also worse than WIN98. If you have WIN 2000 and do not have to upgrade, don't.
>If you have ANY version of WIN98 then it is worth the money and th e 
>hassle, even if you have to upgrade hardware. VERY little software that 
>runs on WIN98 will need upgrades.

A computer 'geek' friend of mine went to XP as soon as he could.  It is 
"noticeably faster than 2K" in his words.  He loved 2K and is enthralled 
with XP.  He is going to install on his kid's machines, too.

Me, I am gonna wait.

Oh, to keep on topic, DOES XP RUN WRITELOG OK?  LPT Keying issues?


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