[WriteLog] Re Sending CW

WA9ALS - John wa9als@starband.net
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 10:29:37 -0500

> No need to spend 20 bucks for rhis. A 30 cent transistor from radio shack
> > and a 10 cent resistor are all you need.
> >
> >
> Well, it's a lil' bit more than this.  You will also need to have (can
> buy at Radio Shack or a parts store) an LPT printer port connector plus
> shielded cable (sufficient length to reach from your computer to the
> plus a 1/4" key plug.  Be careful when soldering the transistor and
> to the LPT connector so as to not short out any of the pins.  Also don't
> overheat the transistor.  A small alligator clip on the lead being
> will protect it from the heat of the soldering iron.
> I am offering this advice since you mentioned that you were an operator
> not a homebrewer.

Even easier - RS has DB-9s with pins that are separate - You just solder
them onto your wire, then insert them into the DB-9 connector - THus no
danger of shorting pins etc - even old guys can do it!  All you need is DTR
and ground - leave the others out.  Easy.