[WriteLog] something glitched...

Bruce A. King Bruce A. King" <baking@gis.net
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 16:34:43 -0500

Hi Rob,

Writelog records both your receive and transmit frequencies. Usually the log
only displays one of them, I suspect the other one is still showing an out
of band frequency. Click Setup then Display format. Turn on the box that
says Transmit frequency in the QSO Display Format window.
Then you will have to edit those last 36 entries as you did before. That
*should* do it:-)

73 Bruce W1CSM

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> I used WriteLog in the ARRL SS Phone contest this weekend and it worked
> flawlessly ... until the final hour. Then, something glitched and it
> wouldn't let me enter info. I saved the file and rebooted the computer.
> Everything looked okay when it came back up, and it let me enter info, as
> before. However, each of the last 36 QSOs that I logged had a sequence
> number that looked like this  "1308B". The "B" was in red. And I noticed
> that it was no longer incrementing either the band total or the score
> I finished the contest, saved everything and  found that the Cabrillo log
> file had all the information. The only thing wrong (of course) was the
> claimed score, which I manually edited. I'd like to go back into the log
> have those last 36 QSOs calculated into the score and the band total. I
> realized that when I first rebooted, the log had defaulted to the 1800 KHz
> band and I didn't notice that. So, I edited the first post-glitch QSO and
> changed the frequency to 21000 KHz, and did the same for the log, itself.
> thought that licked the problem...but it didn't. The subsequent 35 QSOs
> still continued to carry that ominous red "B" and were not counted. Can
> anyone clue me in on what I need to do to rectify the situation? I will
> the Cabrillo log with the ARRL, with the edited claimed score, so that's
> problem, but I'd like to know what happened and how to correct it in the
> future. Thanks in advance.
> Rob K6RB
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