[WriteLog] Sound Blaster "Extigy" External Sound Processor

Jon Harder jon@praxisworks.org
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 21:26:41 -0000

A while back, Don W6FFH, noted the publicity out on the Creative "Extigy"
I've finally tried one out, and thought I'd post what I've found, maybe to
spare others some potential disappointment.  It's supposed to be a USB clone
of their Audigy card, and I thought it might be useful for running a second
MMTTY-driven RttyRite window in tandem with my SB AWE64.

The Extigy gets only a 7b on the SBCheck utility, and works nicely enough
with the WL/MMTTY Plug-in combo.  BUT, I found it's not useful with the
vanilla RttyRite decoder, since the line-in
recording control mutes input any time the focus shifts, such as clicking on
callsign for auto-entry, or other essential WL functions.  That probably
make it unusable for CW mode on "Stereo Soundboard AFSK,"   though I gave up
after finding the focus problem with it on RttyRite.   Wish I had better
news, but guess this one goes back to the store.

Jon        K1US

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> I just saw an ad for a new external sound processor called "Extigy" by
> Creative Labs: http://www.creative.com
> It connects to a USB port and is primarily for PC or notebook to Digital
> surround sound output. I looked at the specs on the web-site and it sure
> looks like it could be an answer especially for notebook users looking for
> another sound device! According to the specs, it appears to be duplex, has
> optical and MIDI, in/out, Line In, Mic In, Headphone Out, and of course 5
> speaker outputs. It's in a nice looking cabinet, takes 12V DC in, and the
> nice thing in my opinion, it has Master Volume and Mic gain CONTROLS.
> I have no idea what kind of problems there will be using USB with
> but at $150 US, I'd sure be tempted to try it if I didn't already have two
> sound devices in my computer (I use simultaneous receive with MMTTY and
> RITTY now).
> Anyone want to be a beta tester? The ad I saw was at Circuit City, which I
> rarely, if ever use, but check out the Creative site for availability.
> Don W6FFH
> don.wsixffh@verizon.net
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