[WriteLog] Need help on BIN file

Darack, Zev Zev.Darack@banklink.com
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 11:00:30 -0400

Use b2a.exe to convert the Bin file to ADIF and then import the ADIF file
into writelog.  You might have a problem with the columns not matching so
create a new CQ 160 SSB log in writelog with at least 1 contact and export
it to ADIF and compare the column names before you do the import.

Zev N2WKS / V26S

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From: 	Dave L Thompson [mailto:k4jrb@juno.com] 
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Subject:	[WriteLog] Need help on BIN file

I have a bin file for the CQ 160 SSB contest and since I no longer have
CT or any DOS software need help converting the BIN file to either the
old log format or cabrillo.  I tried AD1C but his e-mail bounces.  

Can anyone help?

73 Dave K4JRB
CQ 160 Director
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